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  1. 2. Return dead plants, shrubs and perennials for up to one year.
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He earns millions of points and miles each year, mostly without flying, and dedicates this blog to teaching others how to do the same. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Well, I had not been to the Office Depot previously either. I think you are the reason for the pick up in our local economy These stack nicely with discounted gift cards for smaller purchases. I once used multiple coupons when Lowes had a special buy 2 get 1 on KnockOut Roses and saved a bunch using multiple transactions.

How do you get additional points or savings doing that over simply ordering what you wanted in the first place? Check with a checker and see if they will be there when you check out — they may refer you to the Manager before loading up the cart! Do they credit you back the difference? The reason I believe he buys online and exchanges in store is so he can buy items that are not available online, or do his shenanigans in store. If you outright return your purchase through the portal would be void.

2. Return dead plants, shrubs and perennials for up to one year.

Tempts to upgrade everything at home for half the price. Great job Sam. It does say on the coupon something about not combinable with other discounts, but the registers always allowed it before. Guess they wised up to this loophole at least at my particular store. I only started this after waiting mins each time I got to the store for them to pick my order after I got there. Finally got irritated enough to do something about it.

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It could work in different ways. In that case the full portal points stuck around. Just have to creatively avoid the refund process. It takes a bit of social engineering to get the last part to work.

Lowes 10 Percent Off Coupon - For Real!

A manager may be more focused on the bottom line, but the head cashier…. Then return those items and one could essentially do this over and over again, no? Essentially, you can use this technique in lots of stores that give credit. And thanks Sam and FM for this great post. Sometimes Lowes will do it directly too. I think this would be a ymmv. And thanks, I am frugal indeed! Never been to lowes After this post…. Used to be able to find a price in another store other state on sale for something..

This post does not clearly explain how to get discount. I use all technique mentioned here. I personally see discount of 20 max. Perhaps you can add some numbers to show better as an example? Large discounts are usually for appliances. The exchange for store credit could work if you wanted to earn shopping portal bonuses. Guess you could buy a water heater for in-store pickup and exchange that. I agree.

Any knowledge on that? This is where knowing other big box stores and what brands they carry is helpful. For example, if no HHGregg, Sears carries many of the same lines e. Whirlpool that Lowes does. Just finished buy a washer and dryer at Lowes. Bought through the Chase portal to get my 10x points.

Went to Lowes and told then I wanted the next model up. I said no thanks and repurchased my original washer and dryer and they let me use my mover coupon on the rebuy. Even though the coupon does say not good on items that are already discounted. Which the original washer and dryer were. I went to the post ofiice but they just had a big post card for change of address that directs you to USPS. It did have a Lowes ad on the side but no coupon. Sam-Thinking of purchasing a light.

Lowe's Promo Codes & Coupons

Buy discounted gift cards which I use online for the majority of the purchase but not all to get UR point. Go in store and ask to exchange for a different light that is more expensive so I get store credit. Does this sound like the general idea? They will discount your order based on the margins of the items you are buying.

You cannot stack the QSP and the movers discount. I recently purchased 20k in doors and windows and averaged I have been doing variants on this for a while because of some work on my house and yard. I would say that the Lowes website, the coupons from ebay and the gift cards do not interact very well.

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Do others have smooth transactions? I have tried changing browsers but never have great success with Lowes. All the tips seem great.

PRINTABLE Lowes 10% off PRINTABLE Coupon with ASAP Email Delivery

Alternatively, look for them at PlasticJungle. Once they are available, start at TopCashBack for an additional 2.

10% Off Lowe's Coupons: Lowe's Promo Codes

The economy is rough and everyone is affected. Keep trying. None of my lowes. How hard is it to get that when they are late? Joe: they have the postcards directing you to USPS. If you ask at the desk, however, they have the full packet behind the counter. Keep in mind, though, that when you pay with gift cards you do not get automatic extended warranties or other protections from your credit card. Frequent Miler is an excellent points schemer and I suggest you follow […].

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